Work from HOME: The new epitome of work culture

Pratyush Anand
3 min readApr 24, 2020

The pandemic is fatal, not only for people, but also for industries. In the backdrop of several thousand Covid-19 fatalities, the depletion or rather demise of several big business houses is nothing less than significant. While various governments have asked companies not to sack their employees in these difficult times, it has become extremely difficult for the companies to sustain themselves as they are bearing huge losses amid this global economic standstill. Thus, several corporates have decided to function remotely by encouraging ‘work from home’. This way, they can also pay their employees in return for their invaluable contribution and dedication to work.

Talking further about the work from home approach, there is no denying the fact that it has been highly efficient in these times. However, to implement this method in the long run still seems far-fetched. With some noteworthy benefits, it has certain disadvantages as well. Let me talk about the benefits first. The foremost advantage of this approach is ‘Time Saving’ or rather ‘Time Utilization’. By this, I mean to say that we can definitely save some precious hours we spend everyday on commute to work. Work from home can save us time as well as the exhaustion of journey. This can increase our work efficiency remarkably. Also, if we reduce travel, we can help curb pollution which is an added advantage.

Another advantage is that we can work in the comfort of our homes while spending some precious family time as well. This is essential for one’s physical and mental well being. In 9–5 jobs, employees hardly save time for their families. Stress of work is immense in today’s world and spending time with loved ones is its best cure.

But every coin has two sides. A big disadvantage of work from home can be unprofessional and casual approach towards work. While the upper half of the body is in formals, the lower half is in shorts! This is the reality of online meetings via Zoom and Skype. One can argue that a person who is hardworking should not be judged by the way he dresses, but the harsh reality is that overall personality of an employee is the most desirable trait which an interviewer ensures while hiring. If that personality is lost, then the employee is not worth investing. Another disadvantage is lack of physical interaction. Interaction through screens is not what is taught to management students. They are nurtured and social skills are implanted in their DNA. Lack of proper interaction can depreciate their communication skills.

After pointing out the main aspects of work from home, I now leave it to my readers to decide whether they wish to continue with this approach even after lockdown, or get back to their old and tested ways. It will be interesting to see whether work from home becomes the new epitome of work culture or it dies off with the virus.

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