The Story of Life

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I worry about the future
Living in guilt of the past
My happiest moments fade away
When I want them to last

I brace for the worst outcome
To spare myself the pain
But when it actually hits me
Everything goes in vain

That moment of failure is ruthless
It fills my eyes with tears
Things stops making sense
When I face my worst fears

But as the time passes
Failure makes me realise
That the failed path wasn’t for me
It’s learnings have only made me wise

Then comes the golden moment
Magical and incredible it feels
My life that was burdened with failures
Finally gets its wheels!

So make a resolution this year
To embrace failures with a smile
Success will come eventually
Learnings will work meanwhile.




Passionate about writing!

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Pratyush Anand

Pratyush Anand

Passionate about writing!

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