The Rope of God

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A day will come in your life, when you will have achieved everything there is to achieve, and still feel unsatisfied. You will have all the riches of the world, and still feel empty. You will have thousands of friends, and still feel lonely. That day, just when you feel your end is near, God will appear before you. He will say the following words;

Look at yourself
And see what you’ve done!
You have destroyed everything,
And the decay has begun.

Your thoughts have rotten
And so has your mind,
Search your soul deep,
Only dust, you’ll find.

Dig a little deeper,
And check if there’s hope,
If you are still in there,
I could pull you up with a rope.

But the rope has its limits,
If overburdened, it’ll break.
Shed your garbage off,
Only your body, it can take.

You’ve become a sinister
With poison in your mind,
The moment you started thinking,
You stopped being kind!

It’s not just you,
Many others have failed me.
The beauty of this world,
They couldn’t really see.

You are on the edge,
But I will save you today,
Don’t ask me why,
I have got nothing to say.

You are my greatest creation,
I can’t watch you in pain,
But if you don’t mend your ways,
My efforts will go in vain!




Passionate about writing!

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Pratyush Anand

Pratyush Anand

Passionate about writing!

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