The Dark Side

Pratyush Anand
4 min readFeb 2, 2021

Even though we like to think positive, the mind records everything. It not only captures what we think, but also captures all that happens around us. Knowingly or unknowingly, we become a part of several events each day. Some instances make us benevolent while others make us unkind and cruel.

“HATE” is a strong word. It is difficult to express hatred, but it is as difficult to contain it within yourself! Before I actually delve into this further, I want you to introspect. I want you to remember that moment of your life when you were fighting with chaos. I want you to remember if these words ever flashed your mind;

This is my first attempt to express my hatred. I know I will be judged….I know I will be questioned….But I am ready to face it all. I will face it because my sanity is at stake. I want to get it out of me. I am ready to sacrifice my reputation in return for my “PEACE”.

If you have had these thoughts, remember, hate is not a solution, it is a kindling to a massive wildfire. Once it gets a grip of you, it will try to isolate you from the world. It will convince you to create more enemies. You will gradually lose the ability to distinguish friends from snakes. Let me tell you how this happens.

The feeling of hostility is not created in one day, rather, it develops gradually inside of you. But the seed of this feeling is planted by external human factors. People we live around have a great impact on our thought process. These people have the power to bend our thinking and play with it. It is not necessary for them to be connected to us in any way…all they have to do is be around us at the wrong time. However, it bothers me more if these carriers of hostility are my acquaintances. They pierce out my mind bit-by-bit. They not only plant the seed of bitterness, but also water it everyday until it grows into a tree. The branches of this tree gradually spread in our minds like termites. This brings us to “The Dark Side”.

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No one wants to enter the dark side. It takes away our morality and makes us evil. When a mind is involuntarily pushed into darkness, it becomes uncontrollable. The hatred which was contained in our mind for one individual, starts affecting our relationship with others. The dark side can consume us. We start to hate one person so much, that it takes away our peace. Eventually, paranoia hits us! This leads to suspicion in our minds. The suspicion grows for all the people around us. We start doubting those, who are closest to us. The hatred, which was once contained and limited to one person (the carrier of hostility), starts growing like wildfire. Sooner or later, we are left alone with nothing but suspicion, hatred, and darkness. Once you step into darkness, you becomes its servant. It is difficult to come back from this point even if you want to! Fight against the dark side is truly represented in “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” when Lord Vader says this to Luke Skywalker; “You don’t know the power of the dark side! I must obey my master”. With these words, Lord Vader doesn’t mean to instill fear in Luke’s mind, rather, he wants to express his own fear of the dark side. He feels caged under the shadow of his master; the one who planted the seed. Though this example is a fictional one, it represents the true nature of darkness. It represents how helpless one becomes when hatred consumes him. It represents how this can shatter the closest relationships.

But don’t be afraid...there is always a way out. The one way to fight hatred is to “control” it. Don’t let the carrier plant his seed within you in the first place. Don’t let him get to your mind. Don’t let him control you. You cannot fight this battle alone. To do this, you need to have at least two strong-willed, like minded, and kind individuals for every carrier around you. For every portion of poison, you need two portions of elixir. You need to have these souls of kindness around yourself to combat the most formidable enemy. Only “Love” can overcome “Sorrow”. Only “Kindness” can defeat “Hatred”. When the source of hatred spits venom, the souls of kindness will stand by your side with elixir in their hands. Don’t let the hatred inflict your vulnerable mind. Let it be overshadowed by acts of benevolence around you. Let there be good people around you at all times. Never isolate yourself, else the pain will get to you. Bury this hatred deep in your mind and try never to unearth it. Learn to care less about people who torment your mind. Have faith in yourself and recognize the right people who will neutralize the evil thoughts that you may have. Be around these people and share your thoughts with them. The moment you stop sharing, you start suffocating.

Remember; Only you have the power to choose your path, don’t let someone else do that for you. You have the ultimate control over your mind, don’t let someone else mess with it. The bearers of hatred are waiting to turn you to the dark side, but it is up to you whether you give in to them!