Should I Unlock my Subconscious Mind?

Pratyush Anand
4 min readMay 2, 2020

I have seen many versions of myself over the years. Today, I don’t know which is the real me! Sometimes, my mind triggers me to an extent where I lose contact with reality. Whether it is due to the sci-fi movies I watch or the bewildering articles I read is unclear, but I think my mind is a bit different from others. It makes me delve into certain thoughts that originate from different sources. For instance, lately I have been wondering whether my entire life is a dream and I will wake up to the actual reality someday. And mind you, these are not my own thoughts, rather, they have been fed to me mostly by the sources mentioned above and have deep-rooted themselves in my brain. Here, my only fault is that I think deeply over everything that fantasises me. Many of you may think like me for a moment while you read this article, but perhaps only some of you will be able to take this away with yourself and my recommendation is, DON’T!

You may wonder why I confided my feelings into you when at the same time I recommend you not to think like me. The answer to this lies in the question of my article’s title; Should I Unlock my Subconscious Mind? Well, before knowing whether you should do it, it is important to know that all the secrets of life are safely locked inside your subconscious. It is up to you whether you have the courage to explore them. They have the unmatched ability to free you from the shackles of limited thinking power but at the same time, they possess the unparalleled potential to destroy you if you are unable to control them.

What is the subconscious mind?

It is that corner of the brain which is left unexplored by most of us. It contains each and every experience of our lives, every thought which ever flashed our mind, every skill which we have ever witnessed and every memory of our past. It may be a golden treasure for some while a deadly swamp for others. We access a small part of it unknowingly in our daily activities. For instance, you may set an alarm to wake up every morning but if you have an exam or an early morning flight to catch, you tend to wake up even before the alarm. This is because, your subconscious already has this data stored. One can communicate with his subconscious even when he is asleep. Our subconscious works 24x7.

Deep Thinking

It is possible that you may try a delicacy at a five star hotel someday and feel a sense of familiarity in its taste. You may ponder over this the entire day but it is highly unlikely for you to remember what was it that you had tasted at some point in your life which tasted just like the delicacy you had today. This proves the fact that our subconscious knows each and everything and we have it saved at the back of our heads, but the issue is, we can’t fully control our subconscious mind. We cannot simply extract data from it at our will. It is not an art, rather, it is a gift to some people. I am not saying I am gifted, but with my habit of thinking deeply, I have a certain ability to exploit my subconscious at times and still I warn you not to do so. Do not think deeply over anything, may it be your work, your social life or your harsh memories. Do not take others’ words at heart. It can make you paranoid. At one point in my life, I was tormented mentally by my own thoughts. They are your biggest enemy or your truest friends. You need to learn to play with them. Do not be suppressed by their weight. Learn to carry them gracefully. Carry good thoughts for the longest time and shed your bad thoughts at the earliest. Time is the biggest healer and will eventually bury the ‘ill memories’ deep inside your subconscious. Now the catch here is, everything, good or bad has a place in your subconscious mind. It is up to you to unearth it.

Use it or not?

Candidly, it is not in your hands. It is possible to some extent, but can come with chaos and destruction in one’s life. You can channelize it to your strengths but even by doing that, you are leaving your weaknesses vulnerable. At one moment you may feel positive and full of energy but another moment can make you feel like a burden on Earth. It can work well for some, be moderate for some like myself, can make some bipolar or be horrific for others. So, my suggestion would be, leave it to your conscious mind to decide! If it is capable enough to take that extra load, it will tell you at some point. Don’t force yourself into it, let it come naturally.