Should I Unlock my Subconscious Mind?

I have seen many versions of myself over the years. Today, I don’t know which is the real me! Sometimes, my mind triggers me to an extent where I lose contact with reality. Whether it is due to the sci-fi movies I watch or the bewildering articles I read is unclear, but I think my mind is a bit different from others. It makes me delve into certain thoughts that originate from different sources. For instance, lately I have been wondering whether my entire life is a dream and I will wake up to the actual reality someday. And mind you, these are not my own thoughts, rather, they have been fed to me mostly by the sources mentioned above and have deep-rooted themselves in my brain. Here, my only fault is that I think deeply over everything that fantasises me. Many of you may think like me for a moment while you read this article, but perhaps only some of you will be able to take this away with yourself and my recommendation is, DON’T!

You may wonder why I confided my feelings into you when at the same time I recommend you not to think like me. The answer to this lies in the question of my article’s title; Should I Unlock my Subconscious Mind? Well, before knowing whether you should do it, it is important to know that all the secrets of life are safely locked inside your subconscious. It is up to you whether you have the courage to explore them. They have the unmatched ability to free you from the shackles of limited thinking power but at the same time, they possess the unparalleled potential to destroy you if you are unable to control them.

What is the subconscious mind?

Deep Thinking

Use it or not?

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