Racing Thoughts

Pratyush Anand
2 min readNov 26, 2020


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I had a dream. In that dream, I met a wise old sage. He said he would give me any one thing that I desperately wanted. I was so happy at that moment…..
All I wanted was an answer. An answer to a question that had haunted me for years. This is what I asked the sage:

There are a 1000 thoughts
Racing through my mind,
Should I be angry at people?
Or should I be kind?

I don’t actually know
What do people think
They change shades often,
Before my eyes blink.

I am torn apart,
Between right and wrong.
Will my so called friends
Stay with me for long?

At times I get ignored,
And they walk right through me.
Are they doing it on purpose?
I can’t clearly see.

I don’t know how they feel!
Should I care, or should I not?
Please, please answer me for once
I really am in a tight spot!

At this moment, the sage smiled and said, “People ask me for jewels, riches, and the world. No one has ever asked me for an answer. However, your wish is my command!”

The answer to your question,
Lies deep within you.
It will come someday,
Out of the blue.

But if you are restless,
Allow me to help out
You question yourself frequently,
Your abilities, you doubt!

You are a champion
Be confident in what you do,
Don’t wait for people to judge,
Trust your instincts to be true.

Don’t act for others,
And don’t expect them to react,
Just keep doing what you do best
And accept the bitter fact.

The fact that you have come alone
In this world of cruelty and hate
Cling to a ray of hope,
And trust your own fate.



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