Post-Covid World

Our existence has been threatened for the first time in centuries. Who could have thought that we would succumb to a virus someday, which we can’t even see, let alone fight. Mankind has dominated this planet for the longest time, but today, we face a formidable enemy. An enemy, which can attack us anytime, without us knowing. An enemy, which seems invincible as of now. An enemy, which has brought catastrophe globally and continues to do so.

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While scientists all around the world are busy finding a potential vaccine or cure, one cannot ignore the changes this pandemic has brought in our lives. It has hit us socially and economically. From small kids to elderly grandparents, all have taken a blow. Whether it be education, tourism or business, each sector has faced setbacks. Global economy is shattered into bits. Lockdowns and restrictions seem unending and are now taking a toll on our mental health. Many scientists believe that people will have to incorporate and then retain certain changes in their lifestyle to defeat the virus. But a question that very often comes to my mind is; Will there be normalcy again? Will masks become an essential part of our apparel eventually? Will socialising in groups be prohibited forever?

While these questions seem acerbic in nature at this point in time, we will have to face them in the near future. Suppose we defeat the virus tomorrow, will we be comfortable enough to go and watch movies in theatres? Will we feel comfortable sending our children to schools? The answer to these questions is probably NO. Post-Covid world is all set to bombard us with new challenges and each one of us has to be ready to face them. Let’s talk about some of the obvious changes we are going to witness.

We are just a few months into this pandemic and masks are already in fashion. Almost all clothing companies are making designer masks to suit their customers. Well, safety shouldn’t come at the cost of our good looks after all! So masks are going to be there for a long time to come. We will be wearing them to offices, parties, schools and maybe even at our homes!

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Now let’s talk about education. Online classes have taken over the world by storm. They have various advantages, but some notable disadvantages as well. While students can comfortably attend lectures remotely from their homes, they will never get to interact with their peers. This way, technology will make us smart and dumb at the same time. Online classes may seem convenient, but conventional blackboard teaching is in my opinion the best method of imparting education. Two way interaction helps students in their overall development. Post-Covid world may push us towards technological advancement but will certainly deprive us of quality education.

Have you thought about parties, functions, funerals and ceremonies of the future? Socialising and gathering would be dangerous, isn’t it? This is more of a mental challenge. Can you imagine yourselves being locked in your homes forever? I cannot! We will have to come up with ideas and solutions to overcome loneliness. I cannot imagine the stark look of parks, restaurants and roads which once used to be filled with people. I cannot imagine outdoor sports like cricket and football in empty stadiums. I cannot imagine a political rally without people. It worries me to even think of the post-Covid scenario.

But we can possibly make everything work. The battle is long and the enemy is strong, but we CAN fight it. Let’s take full precautions now. Let’s defeat the virus at the earliest. Let’s fight it with the hope of eradicating it. If we let it slip by at this moment, we are endangering our future, but if we fight it NOW, we can possibly have the same world we had a few months back. It is very unfortunate that people are ignoring the safety measures in several countries. Everything comes at a cost. We can surely sacrifice our freedom for a few months to have it back in future. We need to be circumspect in our fight against Covid. A new world awaits but it depends on us how we want it to be!



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