I don’t have a lot of achievements to boast about. But some of which I do have, are significant to me. The reason for them being notable lies with the people around me. They have always been supportive of what I do and humble enough to acknowledge my work. For instance, I enjoy writing and they enjoy reading what I write.

When I discovered my inclination towards writing, I created an account on Medium and started publishing my articles only a few months back. It is indeed a great platform to express oneself. I managed to get a few claps on my articles as well. Though most appreciations came from my family and friends, they encouraged me to write better. I am writing today to honor their magical words.

Words of encouragement are truly magical. They uplift your confidence and encourage you to do better. Small affirmations from people have the ability to bring the best out of you. There is great power in words. They can pull you to the top and push you to the bottom. The power of these words should be exploited to nurture the hidden potential of people rather than putting them down. These magical words, as I call them, are fruitful in every sphere. Let us delve deeper and take a sneak peek into their positive effects.

When I was in school, our report cards used to have a “Remarks” column. In that space, teachers used to write a few words to encourage the students and wish them well for the future. Well in my report card, year after year, different teachers wrote the exact same words; “You can do better”. After securing decent marks in all the subjects, I failed to understand what went wrong! I felt rather disheartened. Anyways, time flies like a bird, and before I knew, I was waiting for my Xth board results. When they were finally out, I was on the top of the world. Fast forward a few months and I was being felicitated with the Scholar Badge for showing academic excellence in my board exams. At that moment, I remembered the time when my friends stood on stage and received the honors while I sat in the audience clapping for them. Today, they were clapping for me! It was a proud moment indeed. That day, out of the blue, the words “You can do better” echoed in my mind.

You can see how a simple set of words from my teachers brought the best out of me. They didn’t criticize me, instead, they showed faith in my ability to perform better. Had they not encouraged me indirectly, I would have been satisfied with my performance and would have never tried harder. A teacher or a mentor can have the greatest impact in the life of his student. An appreciation, a positive remark or even a small leap of faith from their end can do the job. If you are a teacher, help your student find himself. A smallest gesture from your end can change his life!

Image Source: Google Images (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdoSr-2nVtE)

The magic of these words is conspicuous in the professional world as well. Micro-affirmations are of great importance to working individuals. They are known to alleviate mental stress and improve workplace environment. Bosses should stand by their subordinates and appreciate their smallest contributions. One should also stand by his colleague when he is going through a rough patch at work. Small acts of acknowledgement can uplift the spirit of employees in the corporate world. If you are good to your associates and recognize their work, they will give their best and work with utmost enthusiasm.

There are countless more examples where these magical words come to our rescue. However, words aren’t the only source of inspiration, a small token of admiration from your end can be priceless for the receiver. As a matter of fact, there are many writers like me on this very platform who have it in them, but are waiting for you to be a kindling to their fire.

PS: Now that you have read my article, few magical words or even a little clap would be appreciated 😉

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