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I imagine myself
Lying on golden grass
With clouds above me
As the winds pass

I look at the sky
And it stares back at me
The land is all mine
As far as I see

I can hear the wind chimes
From my house nearby
The Earth looks beautiful
And so does the sky

As the wind blows
The grass dances like a wave
Clouds are darker now
For rains, I crave

Some droplets of rain
Slide down my cheek
Like heaven on Earth
This is all what I seek!

The trees far away
Are dancing in rain
At this moment right now
I am free of all my pain

Only then I realize,
This is all just a dream
But I never want to wake up
However foolish, it may seem!

Does it happen for real?
I really wish to know!
This may be my fantasy,
But I would never let it go

Every moment I think
Will I ever get to this day?
Where I can be in peace
And let everything go away!

By Pratyush Anand




Passionate about writing!

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Pratyush Anand

Pratyush Anand

Passionate about writing!

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