Deep in the Shadows

Pratyush Anand
2 min readJul 6, 2022


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Emotions reflect where the shadows lie!
We all conceal the real truth,
Bearing the burden till we die!
We think about it everyday,
Everyday, at least once we cry,
We bear the suffering, we face the pain,
We torment ourselves, Tell me why?
We embrace our destiny, whatever it be!
Habit of suppressing, doesn’t die!
But sometimes, our thoughts become vulnerable,
Because emotions reflect where the shadows lie!

So take a moment to sing and dance,
Take a moment to have a glance,
A glance of life that God gave you,
A glance at the moments which are fast slipping through!
A pause won’t harm, retrospection won’t bite,
Take a moment and look out in the night…
Look at the stars and wonder why,
You believed in the truth but lived a lie.
You lived in sadness and faked your smile,
You had everyone, but you lived in exile!
I have known you for years, but not your pain
You concealed it well, as tears in the rain
But when you were in the dark, and a candle was lit,
I saw your face, as the sadness hit…
You looked helpless and you looked sad,
I wondered in that moment; Was it that bad?
The next moment, your eyes found me
You smiled and assumed I didn’t see
I pretended to smile back just to comfort you
But immediately realized, that I did the same as you!
We all fight our wars, everyday
And we will, till our last goodbye,
But don’t let anyone find you in the dark…
Because emotions reflect where the shadows lie!



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