These are tough times! Lack of jobs and unemployment have become conspicuous around the globe. With millions of students graduating every year, and millions of professionals losing their jobs every day, the competition has become intense. Freshers need to step up and make their mark in the sea of eligible candidates. But how can a fresher expect to compete against candidates with a rich work experience of 2–3 years who have lost their jobs due to the ongoing pandemic? How can we expect a recruiter to pick a fresher against an experienced professional? In case of candidates with no work…

Even though we like to think positive, the mind records everything. It not only captures what we think, but also captures all that happens around us. Knowingly or unknowingly, we become a part of several events each day. Some instances make us benevolent while others make us unkind and cruel.

“HATE” is a strong word. It is difficult to express hatred, but it is as difficult to contain it within yourself! Before I actually delve into this further, I want you to introspect. I want you to remember that moment of your life when you were fighting with chaos. …

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A day will come in your life, when you will have achieved everything there is to achieve, and still feel unsatisfied. You will have all the riches of the world, and still feel empty. You will have thousands of friends, and still feel lonely. That day, just when you feel your end is near, God will appear before you. He will say the following words;

Look at yourself
And see what you’ve done!
You have destroyed everything,
And the decay has begun.

Your thoughts have rotten
And so has your mind,
Search your soul deep,
Only dust, you’ll find.


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I had a dream. In that dream, I met a wise old sage. He said he would give me any one thing that I desperately wanted. I was so happy at that moment…..
All I wanted was an answer. An answer to a question that had haunted me for years. This is what I asked the sage:

There are a 1000 thoughts
Racing through my mind,
Should I be angry at people?
Or should I be kind?

I don’t actually know
What do people think
They change shades often,
Before my eyes blink.

I am torn apart,
Between right and wrong.

It has merely been two months since I embarked on my new journey. The crux of my two years at a premier institute has been laid out in front of me in such a short span of time, that I am unable to fully mull over it. MBA has completely changed the way I think and work. It has made my life precarious, wherein I am always at the edge of deadlines. It took me full two months to finally find the time to write. While my mind was full of thoughts all this time, it couldn’t find enough space…

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I imagine myself
Lying on golden grass
With clouds above me
As the winds pass

I look at the sky
And it stares back at me
The land is all mine
As far as I see

I can hear the wind chimes
From my house nearby
The Earth looks beautiful
And so does the sky

As the wind blows
The grass dances like a wave
Clouds are darker now
For rains, I crave

Some droplets of rain
Slide down my cheek
Like heaven on Earth
This is all what I seek!

The trees far away
Are dancing in rain
At this moment…

I don’t have a lot of achievements to boast about. But some of which I do have, are significant to me. The reason for them being notable lies with the people around me. They have always been supportive of what I do and humble enough to acknowledge my work. For instance, I enjoy writing and they enjoy reading what I write.

When I discovered my inclination towards writing, I created an account on Medium and started publishing my articles only a few months back. It is indeed a great platform to express oneself. I managed to get a few claps…

Success is not absolute, it is relative. You can boast of your success to one person while being referred to as a complete failure by another. To tackle this issue, people have come up with various solutions. For instance, to save himself from embarrassment, a self-proclaimed successful person is more likely to live amongst those who HE thinks are losers. But in this process, he fails to realise that his successful image will forever be limited to that particular group of people. Now while some may find it amusing, I find it rather innovative. …

Our existence has been threatened for the first time in centuries. Who could have thought that we would succumb to a virus someday, which we can’t even see, let alone fight. Mankind has dominated this planet for the longest time, but today, we face a formidable enemy. An enemy, which can attack us anytime, without us knowing. An enemy, which seems invincible as of now. An enemy, which has brought catastrophe globally and continues to do so.

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While scientists all around the world are busy finding a potential vaccine or cure, one cannot ignore the changes this pandemic has brought…

I have seen many versions of myself over the years. Today, I don’t know which is the real me! Sometimes, my mind triggers me to an extent where I lose contact with reality. Whether it is due to the sci-fi movies I watch or the bewildering articles I read is unclear, but I think my mind is a bit different from others. It makes me delve into certain thoughts that originate from different sources. For instance, lately I have been wondering whether my entire life is a dream and I will wake up to the actual reality someday. And mind…

Pratyush Anand

Passionate about writing!

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